Table of contents

Open Source

Hawk is an open-source product. Every part of it is available for investigation, improvement, and discussion.

hawk.mono — main entry point with all the core submodules.

hawk.api — GraphQL API for the garage.

hawk.garage — web client where you can do everything from setting up workspaces to viewing suspicious commits in events.

hawk.cron-manager — used to schedule the addition of new tasks for the specified workers according to the configuration.

hawk.collector — powerful module that can handle most errors around the web.

hawk.workers — workers are services for processing hawk's background tasks.

hawk.registry — organizes events, allows us to scale and manage queues using RabbitMQ.

hawk.types — common types that are used in different submodules are found here. — our beautiful landing called yard.

hawk.desktop — desktop client for macOS, Linux and Windows.

Catchers are small scripts that will catch errors in your application and send it to Hawk.

hawk.javascript — Advanced catcher with source maps support. Supports TS.

hawk.php — Can be connected as a standalone script or as a monolog provider

hawk.nodejs — Track errors from the server application built on JS or TS

hawk.python — Small, simple and full-featured catcher for any kind of scripts.

hawk.go — Deadly simple and fast errors tracking.

hawk.kotlin — Tracks errors in Kotlin and Java apps