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What is Hawk is a clever and easy-to-use errors tracker. It collects all your code exceptions and errors and helps you to improve applications.

Hawk provides a lot of information about occurred event. You can find pieces of code with local variables for an every backtrace call, frequency with dates, affected users and more other stuff.

Use app health graph to get project's summary immediately
Use app health graph to get project's summary immediately

Hawk will show you what’s going wrong in your application right now. How often these errors occurred, number of affected users and etc.

Filtering, sorting, assigning and marking — are great tools to organise list of all events.

Hawk will help to understand and resolve the problem. Additional data as source code chunks with variables values, request params, user system info and any other things.

Suspected commits are available if you use hawk.releases tool.

You can monitor and rate the quality of your product. Number of errors will rise and descend cause new release deployments and you'll always be keep up with it.

Hawk has integrations for most of languages. And their count continuously increases. But.

You can create your own module which will send any data according to Event format. Use it for collecting any metrics data, messages or any notifications.

No limits for workspaces, projects, team members.

At least you can set a few different channels for the notifying, you also can use filters to get important issues separately.

30 days event storing is a good period to watch the project's health. If you need more, write us.

Hawk is an open-source project. It has dozens of repos and services which we created by our hands. You can suggest to improve any part of it by creating an issue or even a new pull request.

Catcher is a small package that responsible for catching errors in your application. You have to include it to the program code manually.

Catcher assigns its own uncaught error handlers, composes an event, and dispatches it to the Hawk.

You can also manually dispatch events, for example from try-catch constructs, to send important trapped errors to the Hawk too.

All events which Hawk had received appears on the project page in the Garage.

Read more about Hawk's structure and components in the other pages.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email from the "Contacts" page.