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This document contains information about our paid services, payment security notices, and other useful instructions.

Hawk is an open-source service that means anyone can use it for their organization. Meanwhile, Hawk is a complex multi-layer micro-service-based product processing many high-load streams. Managing such a system is challenging. It requires a professional DevOps and SRE team, not a trivial cloud-based architecture, and so on. We offer a ready-to-use solution supporting by our team, and it takes a cost.

A tariff plan is a ticket to use Hawk with a list of described features, limits, and costs. You can choose a tariff plan for your purposes. A list of plans is available on the Pricing page.

When a valid-till date is coming or your Workspace is going to reach event limits for the plan, Hawk will send you a notification by email.

If the event limit has reached, Hawk will block accepting new events for a Workspace and notify its admins. You can pay for your current plan again and update the payment date or change the plan to the bigger one.

You can enable auto payments by saving a card to simplify payment processes. In this mode, when a charge date has come, Hawk will try to charge a plan cost from your card automatically. You will receive an email with payment information before and after charging.

If Hawk couldn't charge money from the saved card it will try again three times (one per day) and if still cannot proceed with payment then Workspace will be blocked.

You can stop auto prolongation any time by switching off toggler "Auto-pay" for a target workspace.

 We support cards of two main processors:

  1. Visa
  2. MasterCard

We do not process payments by ourselves. We use the well-known cloud service CloudPayments which is secured by PCI DSS Level 1.

CloudPayments uses the Tinkoff bank as a wire transfers operator.

The Tinkoff financial ecosystem offers a full range of financial and lifestyle services for individuals and businesses via its mobile app and web interface. At the core of the ecosystem is Tinkoff Bank, one of the world’s biggest online banks with over 12 million customers.

Hawk does not process payments and has no access to the wire transfer data.  We use CloudPayments service for accepting payments. The CloudPayments company has the international payment system security standard (PCI DSS Level 1, version 3.2) certification. 

What data we store in our databases about transactions:

Id Transaction identifier returned by CloudPayments
User Id Internal Hawk identifier of a user who made a payment
Amount Paid amount
Card Last Four Last four numbers of card PAN. Used to display card "name" in Payments History
Date Date of a payment
Status Payment status: Pending, Confirmed, Rejected

Also, please check out our IT Security Policy.

If you want to refund your payment, please contact us describing your situation. 

Money will be returned within several work days.

Hawk is registered under Personal Entrepreneur Peter Savchenko (ITN# 780249056717)