With Hawk, you'll be able to receive notifications about occurred events. This page is about how to set up notifications for your project. 

How to add notification rule

Notification rule describes what events you want to receive and how. Projects can have an unlimited number of different rules.

In order to add a new rule go to Project settings -> Notifications page and click on the "Add new rule" button and you will see the form for creating a new rule.

Notifications channels

At now, there are several supported notification channels:

  • Email
  • Slack
  • Telegram


To set up an email channel you need to specify the necessary email to which notifications will be sent.


In order to use Slack notifications, you need to set up Webhook App and then specify the Webhook App endpoint in the form.


To set up notifications through Telegram you need to add @hawkso_bot to your chat and execute /notify command in order to get your endpoint.

Notification strategy

Currently, you can choose one of notification strategies:

  1. "Only new events" — you will get notifications only about new events that have occurred. Recommended.
  2. "All events" — you will get notifications about all occurred events.

Filter events

It is also possible to filter events by the presence or absence of any words.

Notification rule toggling

It is possible to temporarily disable the notification rule by clicking on the "Enabled" toggle button.